Currently I am on a cleanse. Well, kind of. I have so much trouble not eating in a day. I do have to say though, that the cleanse has definitely helped to curve my cravings and I’m not constantly searching for food or dessert like I was before. Maybe in the future, I will attempt… Continue reading DINNER MEAL PREP: Fried Rice

LUNCH MEAL PREP: Spinach, Cashews & Blueberry Salad

I’m still struggling to stick to a structured diet. I want to blame my environment, but I know it’s my will power (or lack there of) that is the real problem. Living back at home, even though I’m now in the basement of their 3-story home, has been a challenge food wise. Someone is always… Continue reading LUNCH MEAL PREP: Spinach, Cashews & Blueberry Salad

BREAKFAST MEAL PREP: Fruit, Granola & Yogurt

I am way off track with my diet. Since leaving my ex of 5 years, I’ve been just eating whatever I feel like. Maybe I have even been using food to comfort me as I go through changes. Which is so not good. Dessert is my weakness. Last night it was snowing, so my brother… Continue reading BREAKFAST MEAL PREP: Fruit, Granola & Yogurt