Healthy and Easy ACV Spinach Salad Recipe

I’ve been hearing a lot about Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) lately and have been hooked in by all the health benefits I’m learning about. It helps with weight loss, detoxifies your liver, helps your body absorb calcium for stronger bones, and much more! I’ve written in my last post (My Skin Issues) about how I’ve… Continue reading Healthy and Easy ACV Spinach Salad Recipe

My Skin Issues and the Miracle Product That Helped Me

I have this birthmark on my forehead right above my left eyebrow. It’s some type of skin tag and though it’s not that noticeable now, it used to look really big. It made me feel insecure and people would always point it out. They assumed it was a pimple or zit and wondered why I didn’t look after it. So, by the time that I actually started breaking out, I stopped caring.

Why Self Care Is Important

Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in our work life that we forget to make time for self-care. I know I struggled with this a lot last year. At one point, I was working two jobs pretty much 7 days a week, trying to keep up with my morning & night routine, and attempting to… Continue reading Why Self Care Is Important