BREAKFAST MEAL PREP: Fruit, Granola & Yogurt

I am way off track with my diet. Since leaving my ex of 5 years, I’ve been just eating whatever I feel like. Maybe I have even been using food to comfort me as I go through changes. Which is so not good. Dessert is my weakness. Last night it was snowing, so my brother and I decided to make cupcakes. And though I have meal planned my breakfast and have been trying to be strict with it… I had a cupcake for breakfast this morning. Oops. We can’t be perfect everyday and changing your diet and sticking to it takes work. It is still morning as I write this, so I will eat the breakfast that I have prepared for myself soon. This is actually my favourite breakfast. I eat this same thing almost every morning (with a few variations) and still love it!

Trying to get back into a healthier diet has been difficult for me. For the past year, I have been struggling. I basically allowed myself to give into any cravings I had. Pizza and tacos anyone? I kept buying healthy food and it would just sit and rot in my fridge, as I reached for another slice. I decided the best way to ensure that I would stick to my diet and get in the proper nutrition my body needed, was by meal prepping. I wanted to stop wasting food, stop overeating, and start getting in the vitamins and nutrients you get from a healthier diet.

This recipe is quite simple, actually. That’s why it was such an easy breakfast for me to have in the morning. It didn’t take up too much of my time and now that I’ve meal prepped it, it takes even less time out of my morning routine. You can change this recipe up as you like. You can experiment with different yogurts, granola and fruits. Customize it to make it your own. For me, I love Kashi GoLean Cinnamon Crisp Cereal. It is made with plant protein, fiber and has a delicious cinnamon taste! Then I go for a Greek yogurt or whatever looks interesting and then finish with blueberries. I am obsessed with blueberries! I think I want to get back into a Paleo diet too, so that means I need to cut out dairy soon. Still on the hunt for a dairy-free yogurt that’s yummy!

Fruit, Granola & Yogurt Recipe



  1. Grab your meal prep containers and portion out a 100ml of yogurt into each container.
  2. Next, add in the blueberries with the yogurt just by placing them right on top.
  3. Finally, take a separate smaller container and fill with 50ml of your granola.
  4. Place in the refrigerator.
  5. Mix the two containers together when you are ready to eat.

So, there you have it! A super simple breakfast meal prep. It doesn’t take too much time to put together and it just makes things so much easier in the morning. Now that I am meal prepping all my meals, I know that I will be getting in more healthy foods into my diet. I’ve been getting tired of having to think about what to make every day and then always ordering something because it was easier. Now everything is prepared and ready to go. The video for this meal prep is up on my channel now so make sure you guys check that out. Actually, I’ll just add it here:

I have two more meal preps coming up. One is on lunch and the other is dinner. Like I said, I want to have all my meals prepped and, in my fridge, ready to go. I also love the way my fridge looks now. So clean and organized!


Janice Lal

p.s. and remember, no matter what stage you are at in your journey,

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